The "I Am Strong" campaign included biographical stories of real women aging with not just grace but with fury. The goal was to combat the entrenched consumer mindset that taking calcium is only for the elderly. The authenticity of their stories was powerful and opened the website up for a unique interactive user experience. What emerged was an online community where women could exchange advice and questions about health and osteoperosis.

The production logistics for this campaign are like tattoos on my heart. I shot six print ads in one day while filming two broadcast spots. We built an entire house just to burn it down. I worked with 18 time Grand Slam winner, Chris Evert. It's rare for a concept to survive the original client pitch and make it all the way to execution. It's like a salmon traversing upstream despite all of the challenges. This campaign is proof it can happen; just stay strong.

Citracal I Am Strong
Citracal I Am Strong

Personal campaign work includes ideation and original concept, photo direction, copywriting and broadcast creative direction.