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Sometimes the most stunning character trait in a woman is her inner strength. Strong women are everywhere and their stories have value if you care enough to listen. For Citracal's "I Am Strong" campaign, I insisted on real individuals rather than talent. Finding and sharing these stories of courage was one of the most rewarding times of my career. I worked concurrently as lead creative on both our national broadcast and print photography shoots. While others were at craft services, I was running back and forth from video village to collaborate with Tamara Reynolds on our print campaign. To date it is one of the most rigorous productions I have been a part of but also one of the most rewarding. 

In an effort to highlight the lack of female diversity in advertising, I intentionally hired a nearly full female crew. Lead females for photography, account services, pre-production, public relations, media and creative. This element was also an important nod to the brand's higher purpose which is bringing women together. The story almost made it into People magazine but all that is left is a photo of me in an unfortunate scarf.